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 Bogota, Colombia
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Top Reviews in Bogota, Colombia:

Bed and Breakfast Chorro de Quevedo Read all 3 full reviews for Bed and Breakfast Chorro de Quevedo

Calle 13 B N. 1- 53
Bed and breakfast
Lindo e confortável lugar. Eu e meu marido fomos maravilhosamente atendidos por uma equipe st ...
Estuve hospedad en el hotel y me gusto demasiado, fue algo diferente y muy agradable, la decoracion, ...
Magnifique maison coloniale, entièrement rénovée avec grand goût, dans la ...

Hotel Charlie's Place Read all 5 full reviews for Hotel Charlie's Place

Carrera 8D # 106-84
Charlie's Place is an excellent value, especially for the north of Bogota. They offer free taxi pick ...
My stay in Bogota was 100% better than I ever expected. The only reason for this was my stay at Char ...
I have stayed at Charlie's Place several times now and I can say that it feels like my home away fro ...

Hotel Aragon Read 1 full review for Hotel Aragon

Carrera 3 No. 12C-13
This hotel was perfect for our group of five traveling through Colombia. The rooms were clean and br ...

Tip Top Backpackers Read 1 full review for Tip Top Backpackers

Carrera 1 # 12B 81
Very nice hostel in a great area of Bogota. My room was always clean with everything I needed. The s ...

Alegria's Hostel Read all 8 full reviews for Alegria's Hostel

Calle 9 # 2-13
Es una casa muy Colombiana con las comodidades basicas para personas del todo el mundo, desayuno gra ...
Economico, limpio, divertido y Alegria la propietaria de este lugar y que tambien vive en el hostal  ...
La gente q trabaja alli es muy linda y amable, Alegria la dueña del hostal tiene 26- 28 a&nti ...

Arche Noah Guesthouse Read 1 full review for Arche Noah Guesthouse

Calle 12F # 2-09
Arche Noah is a great Place with awesome atmosphere. Everyone there are are so friendly and helpful. ...

Hostal Bogota Real Read all 2 full reviews for Hostal Bogota Real

Street 103 B No. 46-05
We stayed here for 3 nights and it was great. Really nice, quiet Hostel in what we found to be a saf ...
We have stayed in Hostal Bogota Real twice for a simple reason: the place is quiet, simple and frien ...

A Mi Refugio Read all 4 full reviews for A Mi Refugio

Carrera 19 No 33 - 21. Teusaquillo.
The building is empty, without signs to mark the business and no body open it. I was left on the str ...
we visited Bogota on our last vacacions, i really enjoy this city and this hostel in beatiful an ...
estuvimos con mi familia en abril en Bogota y nos hospedamos en mi refugio...realmente un hermoso lu ...

Chapinorte VIP Read all 2 full reviews for Chapinorte VIP

Calle 79 Numero 14-59 Apart 301
good ...
Great location, room very simple but clean! Antonio, the landlord, extremely kind and availanle! Enj ...

Hostal La Candelaria Bogota Read 1 full review for Hostal La Candelaria Bogota

Calle 16 #2-38 La Candelaria District
Hola buenas tardes,les escribo desde trinidad y tobago soy colombiano de neiva, la presente es para ...

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